Author Topic: CHAPTER 3 - SECTION 2  (Read 207 times)


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3.2.1 Vyajanat, he knew; annam brahma iti, food as Brahman; for food is endowed with the aforesaid characteristics. How? Hi, for; annat, from food; khalu eva, indeed; imani bhutani jayante, these beings are born; jatani jivanti, having been born; they live annena, by food; and prayanti abhisamvisanti, they move towards and enter into; annam, food. Hence it is reasonable that food is Brahman. This is the idea. He having practised concentration in this way, and tat vijnaya, having known that food as Brahman, from its characteristics as well as reasoning; varunam pitaram upasasara, approached his father Varuna; punah eva, over again, being under doubt; with, iti, this (formal request); 'Adhihi bhagavah brahma, O revered sir, teach me Brahman?

Objection: What was, again, the occasion for his doubt?
The answer is: Because food is see to have an origin. Concentration is repeatedly inculcated in order to emphasise the fact of its being the best discipline. The idea is this: 'Concentration alone is your discipline till the description of Brahman can be pushed no further and till your desire to know becomes quietened. Through concentration alone, you crave to know Brahman.' The rest is easy.