Author Topic: CHAPTER 3 - SECTION 7  (Read 214 times)


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3.7.1 Moreover, since Brahman is realized through the portal of food, na nindyat, one should not deprecate; annam, food, just as one would not cavil at his teacher. (This is) tad-vratam, a vow that is enjoined for him who knows Brahman thus. The inculcation of the vow is meant for the praise of food; and food is worthy of praise, since it is an aid to the realization of Brahman. Pranah vai annam, the vital force is verily food, for the vital force is encased in the body.

Anything that is encompassed by another becomes food of the latter; and sarire pranah pratisthitah, the vital force is lodged in the body; therefore the vital force is food, and sariram annadam, the body is the eater. Similarly,the body, too, is food and the vital force is an eater. Why? Since prane sariram pratisthitam, the body is fixed on the vital force, the continuation of the body being dependent on the later. Therefore both of these two-the body and the vital force-are (mutually) food and the eater. In the aspect of their being lodged in each other, they are food; and in the aspect of being the support of each other they are eaters. Hence both the vital force and the body are food and the eater. Sah Yah, he who; veda, knows; etat annam anne pratisthitam, this food as established on food; pratitisthati, becomes firmly established- in the very form of food and the eater. Moreover, he bhavati, becomes; annavan, a possessor of (plenty of) food; annadah, an eater (i.e. a digester) of food. All these are to be explained as before.