Author Topic: CHAPTER 5 - SECTION 6  (Read 380 times)


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5.6.1. This being identified with the mind, because he is perceivd there; also he perceives through the mind; and resplendent, lit. having lustre as his real state or nature. Since the mind reveals everything, and he is identified with the mind, therefore he is resplendent, i.e. is realised by the Yogins --- we must supply these words --- within the heart like a grain of rice or barley in size. He is the lord of all things, which are but variations of him. Even with lordship, one may be under the sway of ministers etc., but he is not like that. What then is he? He is the ruler, independent protector, and governs whatever there is --- the whole universe. The result of this meditation on Brahman identified with the mind is the attainment of identity with him as such, for the Brahman says, ‘One becomes exactly as one meditates upon Him’ (S. X. v. ii. 20).