Author Topic: CHAPTER 6 - SECTION 5  (Read 271 times)


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6.5.1. – 6.5.4. Now the line of teachers of the whole Upanisad is being given. (They are here named after their mothers) because the wife holds the most important place (in this ceremony) (Because it is she who, being purified through sprinkling etc., produces a worthy son.). It has been mentioned that a gifted son is born. Hence the Upanisad is narrating the line of teachers by describing the son through the name of the mother. These white Yajuses, etc. ‘White’ because they are not mixed up (with human faults), or these Yajuses are pure or fresh. From Prajapati down to the son of Pautimasi is a descending order (if we read it inversely), with the teacher always mentioned first. (The line is) the same up to the son of Samjivi (Above him it bifurcates, to merge again at the top, the sun being identical with Prajapati or Hiranyagarbha.). Prajapati through his relation to Brahman or the Vedas. That Brahman (the Vedas) has come down the line from Prajapati and variously branched off among us. It is without beginning and end --- self-born, or eternal. Salutation to that Brahman (the Vedas). And salutation to the teachers who have followed it.