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6.6.1. Somya, O good-looking one; dadhnah, of the curd; mathyamanasya, when it is churned; yah, that which is; its anima, subtle part; sah, that; somudisati, rises; urdhvam, upward. Getting collected together, it goes up in the form of butter. Tat, that; bhavati, becomes; sarpih, clarified butter.

6.6.2. As in this example, somya O good-looking one; evam eva, in this very way, yah, that which is; anima, the subtle part; annasya, of food, of rice etc.; asyamanasya, when it is eaten when it is churned as it were by a churning rod, by the fire in the stomach, in association with air; sah, that; samudisati, rises; urdhvah, upaward; (and) tat, that; bhavati, becomes, manah, mind. That is to say, it nourishes the mind by becoming united with the constituents of the mind.

6.6.3. Similarly, somya, O good-looking one; piyamanam, when it is drunk; yah, that which is; anima, the subtle part; apam, of water; sah, that; samudisati, arises; urdhvah, upward; and sah, that; bhavati, becomes; pranah, the vital force.

6.6.4. In this very way indeed, somya, O good-looking one; yah, that which is; anima, the subtle part; tejasah, of fire (oily substances); asyamanasya, when it is eaten; sah, that; samudisati, rises; urdhvah, upward; and sa, that; bhavati, becomes; vak, speech.

6.6.5. Somya, O good-looking one; manah, mind; hi, is surely; annamayam, made of food; pranah, vital force; is apomayah, made up of water; vak, speech; is tejomayi, made up of fire. The idea is, 'What I have said is logical.' (Svetaketu said): 'In that case let it be so that all things are made of water and fire. But I do not get an absolutely firm conviction that the mind is made of food alone. Therefore, may the venerable sir, vijnapayatu, make me understand with an example that the mind is made of food.' The father uvaca ha, 'Tatha, let it be so; somya, O good-looking one.'

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