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6.10.1-2. Listen to an illustration about this: As somya, O good-looking one; imah, these; pracyah, eastward; nadyah, rivers, Ganga and other rivers; syandante, flow; purastat, to the east; praticyah, westward (rivers), those flowing to the west, Sindhu and other rivers; flow pascat, to he west.

Having been sucked up by the clouds, samudrat, from the sea which is the repository of water; and having fallen again in the form of rain, they, in the form of rivers like Ganga etc.; apiyanti, merge into; samudram eva, the sea itself which is the repository of water; (and) sa samudra eva bhavati, become that very sea. Yatha, as; tah, they, those rivers, having become identified with the sea; na viduh, do not realize; tatra, there in the sea; 'Iyam aham asmi, I am this Ganga; and 'Iyam aham asmi, I am this Yanuna; evam eva, in this very way; khalu, indeed; somya, O good-looking one; since imah sarvah prajah, all these creatures; na vidhu, do not comprehend (their distinctive identities) after having become merged in It, therefore having come from that Existence, they do not realize 'Satah agacchamahe, we are coming from Existence', or 'We have come (from that Existence).' 'Whichever creature they were here-- whether tiger,' etc.--this portion is to be explained as before.

6.10.3. It is seen in the world that ripples, waves, foams, bubbles, etc. rise on the water, and become identified with it again, i.e. they become destroyed. But the creatures, although they go to their causal state every-day in deep-sleep, death, and dissolution, do not get destroyed. 'Vijnapayatu ma bhagavan, may the venerable sir explain to me this fact; bhuyah eva, over again, with the help of an illustration.' 'Tatha somya, let it be so, O good-looking one', said the father.
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